Weightlifting Bars

Weightlifting Bars
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Men's Health - 6ft Barbell Bar

This six foot barbell bar from the Mens Health range is designed for a range of weightlifting workou..


Men's Health - Tri Curl Bar - 502kg

This Mens Health tri curl bar provides added versatility in comparison to conventional barbells. Its..


Opti Ab Door Bar

The Opti ab door lets you get an abdominal workout almost any place that has a door, making it easy ..


Opti Tricurl Bar

The unique shape of this Opti tricurl bar makes it far more versatile than conventional barbells. Wo..


Physical Company Pump Set - Black Bar and Coloured Discs

Physical Companys durable Pump Set comes complete with a 1400mm x 30mm hollow bar 2 x 1.25kg, 2 x 2...


RDX Pull Up Bar and Bracket

RDX offers gym-quality chin/pull up bar made from welded 16-gauge powder coated Non-Slip steel with ..