Thermometers & Timers

Thermometers & Timers
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BergHOFF Geminis Stainless Steel Timer

Time those family meals to perfection with this Geminis timer from BergHOFF. Simply turn the top sec..


Hanson Digital Meat Thermometer

A digital meat thermometer is a fast, hygienic way of ensuring meat is cooked through. This Hanson t..


Heston Blumenthal Electronic Dual Timer

To achieve the accurate cooking time, set this stainless steel digital timer in your kitchen. It has..


Heston Blumenthal Instant Read Thermometer

Measure the accurate temperature of your food with the instant read thermometer. It has a easy to re..


Leifheit Meat Oven Thermometer

Two functions in one: the combined Leifheit meat and oven thermometer enables the control of the ove..


Salter Mini Electric Timer

This electric timer has a large clear display with a 99 minute, 59 second timer mechanism. You can s..


The Great British Bake Off Multi Timer

The multi-timer is the ideal accessory for the busy home cook. Keep track of up to four bakes at onc..