Skipping Ropes

Skipping Ropes
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Adidas Speed Rope - 300cm

The adidas speed rope features an integrated ball bearing which translates your force into speed in ..


Men's Health Speed Rope

Featuring precision ball bearings for speed and smoothness of rotation youll soon be building up you..


Nike Fundamental Speed Rope

Use the Nike fundamental Speed rope as part of your workout. It features a durable high-density narr..


Opti - 9ft Skipping Rope

This skipping rope is an ideal way to enhance your fitness session. Great for giving you a cardiovas..


Opti 9ft Skipping Rope

Increase your agility and balance with this 9ft Skipping Rope. The foam covered handles provide extr..


RDX - Speed Jump Rope

A staple in the armoury of any participant in combat sports, skipping supports the foundations of fo..


Womens Health - Skipping Rope

Improve your coordination, agility and overall fitness with this Womens Health Weighted skipping rop..