Routers & Jointers

Routers & Jointers
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Bosch - POF 1200 AE 1200W Router - 1200W

The powerful and precise Bosch POF 1200 AE router is extremely versatile and accurate in working on ..


Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router

The POF 1400 ACE from Bosch is a router that uses a , 6mm and 8mm collet (included) for its variety ..


Guild - Router - 1500W

The Guild Router is ideal for accurately cutting into wood. From shaping, edging and rebating to mak..


Hilka - Tools 900w Biscuit Jointer

Versatile 900w biscuit jointer which is suitable for milling grooves in hard and soft woods. The sof..


Makita - 1/4 inch Router - 900W

The Makita MT3601 1/4; Router is a high performanace unit with excellent duribility. It benefits fro..


Silverstorm - 600w Multipurpose Router

The Silverstorm Multifunction Router from Silverline is a multi-tool with a whole host of extra feat..


Triton - JOF001 Compact Precision Plunge Router

Completing Tritons range of award-winning professional routers is the JOF001 Compact Precision Plung..


Triton - MOF001 Dual Mode Precision Router 1400w

Award-winning router with compact and powerful 1400W / 2-1/4hp motor and 8000-21,000rpm electronic s..


Triton Biscuit Jointer - 760W

Powerful 760W biscuit jointer with cast-aluminium base, fence and drive housing. Produces fast, stro..


Triton TRA001 Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router

Designed by woodworkers for woodworkers, the multi-award winning TRA001 has been the benchmark in pr..