Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments
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A Star - 8 Note Handbell Set

High quality set of 8 Hand Bells. There are 8 bells all in different colours and notes. They have a ..


A Star - Childrens' Handheld Percussion Kit

A complete mini percussion kit designed to introduce children (ages 3-6) to music all packed into a ..


A Star - Childrens' Starter Percussion Kit

A percussion kit ideal for young children. All of the instruments produce a bright sound and are wel..


A Star - Handheld Wooden Ratchet

Classic wooden Ratchet or Football Rattle - great for making lots of noise; Made from a strong woode..


A Star - Jingle Stick - Black

Great for Christmas sounds; This quality A-Star Jingle Stick is perfect as part of a classroom percu..


A Star - Maracas - Pink

These colourful plastic Maracas offer a fantastic bright tone. Extremely popular with children of al..


A Star - Medium Beaded Afuche

This A-Star Afuche (or Cabasa) is a high quality percussion instrument used in Latin music. It is ma..


A Star 3 Bell Handbells

These handbells are perfect for the budding percussionist. With 3 Percussion bells attached to a hea..


A Star Sparkle Maracas - Yellow

Great quality transparent plastic Maracas. The handles are 21cm long making them suitable for childr..


Absolute Beginners - Guitar Book Course

This amazing Absolute Beginners tutorial pack contains books 1 and 2 from the series plus the songbo..


Absolute Beginners - Keyboard Course

This remarkable tutorial pack contains books 1 and 2 from the Absolute Beginners series plus the son..


Absolute Beginners - Ukulele Book - Omnibus Edition

Absolute Beginners has been designed to tell you everything you need to know from the very first tim..


Acoustic Guitar First Aid Kit

Lost a pick; Broken a string; Need to tune up; Whether youre a budding guitarist or a gigging musici..


Acoustic Solutions 20 Watt Amp

Control the volume, treble and bass with this 20W guitar amp which also has a gain and boost functio..


Axus AXK1 Digital Drum Kit

The AXK1 is the perfect drum kit for gigs, home jamming and lessons. The 4 drum and 3 cymbal pads ar..