Measuring & Levels

Measuring & Levels
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Bosch - 1 Thermal Detector

Bosch PTD1 Thermal Dector for easy measurement of surface, room temperature and humidity. Two batter..


Bosch - PCL 10 Cross Line Laser Set and Tripod

Bosch PCL10 Cross Line Laser set and tripod for automatic self-levelling up to 10 metres in seconds...


Bosch - PCL 20 Set Laser Level with Tripod

The Bosch PCL 20 set laser level with tripod has cross lines, single lines and a plumb function for ..


Bosch - PLL 1P Laser Spirit Level

Bosch PLL1P Laser Spirit Level, simple and versatile solution for short distance levelling applicati..


Bosch - PLL 360 Set Levelling Laser 360 Degrees + Tripod

The Bosch PLL 360 set levelling laser has 360 degree self levelling line laser capabilities, with fi..


Bosch - PLR 30 Laser Measurer

Now you can do so much more than measure angles and distance. A one button operation gives you ease ..


Bosch - PLT 2 Tile Laser

Bosch PLT2 Tile Laser alignment in straight and diagonal patterns. Magnetic wall mount and 3 batteri..


Bosch - Quigo 2 Cross Line Laser

Bosch Quigo 2 Cross Line Laser for levelling tiles, shelves, wallpaper, pictures or paint. MM2 mount..


Bosch - Quigo Laser Leveller

Instantly project horizontal and vertical lines for a variety of jobs from hanging pictures to produ..


Bosch - Zamo Laser Measure

The Zamo is a must-have for all DIY enthusiasts, due to its convenience and compact design. With Zam..


Bosch PLL 2 Cross Line Laser Level

The PLL 2 has a large working range of up to 10m and can also be used as a practical digital spirit ..


Bosch PLR 50 C Laser

The Bosch PLR 50 C laser measure provides precise measurement for distances up to 50m. The tool is c..


Bosch Quigo Plus

The Bosch Quigo Plus allows you to align objects with precision and accuracy. The tool is easy to ha..


Guild - 30m Laser Measure

Always make sure you get the right measurements on any job with this compact laser measuring tool. I..


Silverline - Spirit Level 1800mm

Manufactured frm 1.2mm thick extruded aluminium with ribbed for strength and accuracy. Milled top an..