Cat Furniture & Scratchers

Cat Furniture & Scratchers
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Argos - Cat Scratch & Rest Station

The Cat Scratch & Rest Station gives your cat a place to practice using its claws. Watch your pet sp..

£39.99 £19.99

Argos - Cat Scratching Post

Save your furniture and delight your cat with this Cat Scratching Post. The scratch post will keep y..


Hello Kitty Hanging Cat Scratcher

Indulge cats natural urge to scratch with this perfect, high quality sisal scratcher. It provides na..


Petface Big Boy Stratcher

The Petface Big Boy Scratcher is one of the biggest scratching posts available. Designed to withstan..

£29.99 £23.99

Petface Corner Scratcher

The Petface corner scratcher is large but due to its unique shape, will fit neatly into most homes. ..

£24.99 £19.99

Rosewood - Play Tower and Tunnel

Your feline friend will love the play tower and tunnel which can be used vertically as a tower for s..


Rosewood Saffron Cat Post and Bed

This luxurious piece of cat furniture has seagrass covered posts with a square textile base. It has ..


Rosewood Toronto Cat Scratching Post

This Rosewood Toronto cat scratching post will provide hours of entertainment for your cat or kitten..


RSPCA Cat House Scratcher

This corner scratcher gives your cat a safe, elevated resting place. The strong fibre surface is ide..


Tall, Two - Tier Cat Scratching Post

This beige two tier scratching post is ideal for your cat. Featuring a hanging toy, scratching posts..

£16.99 £18.69