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Argos - Cat Scratch & Rest Station

The Cat Scratch & Rest Station gives your cat a place to practice using its claws. Watch your pet sp..


Argos - Cat Scratching Post

Save your furniture and delight your cat with this Cat Scratching Post. The scratch post will keep y..


Argos - Extra Tall 72cm Seagrass Scratch Post

This extra tall scratching post is the perfect way to keep your cat from scratching your furniture. ..


Argos - Radiator Cat Bed

This cat radiator bed hangs on the radiator, allowing your small sized cat or kitten to snuggle up t..


Argos - Suede Donut Cat Bed Half Priced -34%

Argos - Suede Donut Cat Bed

This cosy pet bed provides a safe area for your favourite feline or small dog to have hours of peace..

£12.99 £8.59

Banbury Co - Cat Feeding Bowl

This products neutral design flatters any decor so can be used within any home. The feeding bowl is ..


Banbury Co - Cat Treats and Storage Tin

This products neutral design flatters any decor so can be used within any home. The size allows for ..


Banbury Co. Luxury Cosy Cat Bed

This is a soft touch dog bed designed with a faux sheep fur outer lining to maximise warmth and extr..


Catit - Cat Grass Kit

Grow your own cat grass within 1 week; Grass is a natural source of fibre, which stimulates digestio..


Catit - Cat Multi Feeder

The paw pit stimulates natural self-controlled feeding. By hiding the kibble from view, it entices c..


Catit - Senses Cat Grass Planter

For use with the Catit Grass Kit. Catit Grass Kit not included; The grid cover (1) prevents digging...


Catit Cat Play Circuit

Give your cat a fun playtime with their very own Play Circuit. It is level to the ground which is gr..


Catit Flower Cat's Drinking Fountain

The Flower Fountain uses running water to encourage your pet to drink more. Drinking regularly is im..


Catit Senses Cat's Food Tree

This smart toy stimulates them to slow down and work for their food by playfully pawing at it throug..


Catit Super Senses Cat Toy

The special peek-a-boo cover stimulates cats to chase and swat the ball, which quickly adds up to ho..