Carpet Sweepers

Carpet Sweepers
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Beldray - Carpet Sweeper - Grey

Keep your home clean with this Beldray sweeper which uses three brushes to collect dirt from your ca..


Bissell - 2314E Sturdy Sweep Manual - Floor Sweeper

The Bissell Sturdy Sweep is a great choice for quick pick-ups. It comes complete with dual brushes t..

£17.99 £14.99

Bissell - P3840 Perfect Sweep - Floor Sweeper

The Bissell Perfect Sweep floor sweeper has twin contra-rotating brushes which makes cleaning that m..

£28.99 £24.99

Ewbank Evolution 3 - Carpet Sweeper - Red

Quick, versatile and ready to go anywhere, the Evolution 3 manual sweeper utilises an updated design..

£25.99 £24.59

Ewbank Sweeper Speed Sweep - Black

With its 8 inch wide sweeping path and lightweight, high impact body, the Ewbank Speed Sweep manual ..


Leifheit - Click Rubber Broom

Particularly good at removing cat and dog hairs off carpets; Easily washed to keep clean; rubber bri..


Leifheit Regulus Turquo Floor Carpet Sweeper

This effective compact and robust floor sweeper works well on all floor types quietly picking up cru..

£29.99 £23.99