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AP Pro Series - 120 Lumen CREE Torch

120 lumens high performance CREE torch, with a focus controlled lense, 1 x flood 4 x spot. Tactical ..


AP Pro Series - 210 Lumen CREE Torch

A very robust 210 lumens high performance CREE torch. Advanced focused beam control, 2 mode operatio..


AP Pro Series - 750 Lumen CREE Torch

An extremely powerful high performance CREE torch, up to 750 lumens. It has a 2 mode operation, high..

£51.99 £42.99

Disney Princess GoGlow Tilt Torch

A magical tilt-activated torch with night glow. Simply tilt the torch and the light magically appear..


Elwis - TL1 30W SMD LED Task Lamp

Extremely durable and practical task lamp with an impressively bright powerful working light. All el..

£47.99 £41.99

Energizer - 100 Lumen Metal Torch

3 LED bright aluminium torch with 73 metre beam. Designed to last for 15 years. LED bulb type. 1.5V ..


Energizer - 300 Lumens Torch

Includes 2 x AA batteries with 150 metre beam. Designed to last for 20 years. LED bulb type. 1.5V ge..