Electrical Accessories

Electrical Accessories
This section includes some great deals on Electrical Accessories items listed from £1.99-£123.99
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28 Position Digital Multi - Meter

This digital multimeter offers accurate results and is easy to use. It tests AC/DC voltage current, ..


3 - Way Adaptor Triple Pack

For use with a standard 13 amp socket, this compact adaptor enables 3 products to be used from 1 soc..


Active Products 150 Lumens LED Rechargeable Spotlight

150 Lumens LED Rechargeable Spotlight, Battery Life 4 hours, Beam Distance 400 metres, adjustable ha..


Allocacoc - PowerCube 3 Metre Extended Cable

This version has a 3 metre cable and five power sockets. With the included docking system, this cube..


Allocacoc - PowerCube Extended Remote - Socket Only

PowerCube Remote (socket only) takes user-friendliness to a whole new standard. With one bigStep-On;..


Allocacoc - PowerCube Extended USB 15 Metre Cable

This PowerCube has a 1.5 metre extension cord and can be mounted anywhere to have a power outlet wit..


Allocacoc - PowerCube Original

The PowerCube Original can be used standalone or to expand the PowerCube Extended or Extended USB ra..


Allocacoc - PowerCube Original USB

The PowerCube Original USB can be used standalone or to expand the PowerCube Extended or Extended US..


Allocacoc - PowerCube Portable USB Bank Hub

This Powerr Bank Hub not only acts as a 4 outlet USB Hub but also features a rechargeable 5000 mAh b..


Allocacoc - PowerCube Remote Set

With one big Step-On; button on the PowerRemote you can turn ON/OFF the PowerCube from a distance us..


Allocacoc - PowerCube ReWirable USB Adapter

The Powercube ReWiable USB adaptor is perfect for all your Travel needs, enabling you to charge devi..


Allocacoc PowerCube Extended Monitor

This product has a 1.5 meter extension cable and monitors the power use of appliances plugged into i..


Allocacoc PowerCube Original Monitor

This product monitors the power use of appliances plugged into its sockets and presents the informat..


AP Pro Series - 120 Lumen CREE Torch

120 lumens high performance CREE torch, with a focus controlled lense, 1 x flood 4 x spot. Tactical ..


AP Pro Series - 125 Lumen Focus Beam SOS CREE Torch

125 lumens, high performance CREE torch. Focused beam control 1 x flood, 4 x spot. Smooth dimming op..