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1,400W Circular Saw

The Einhell 1,400W Circular saw is an affordable and functional solution, it is suitable for laminat..

£42.99 £35.99

Black and Decker - Scorpion Multifunction Saw - 400W

The Black and Decker 400 watt Scorpion is a multifunction saw that functions both as a powered hands..

£49.99 £39.99

Bosch - PKS 55 Circular Saw - 1200W

The PKS 55 Circular Saw is ideal for accurate rip and mitre cuts. With this saw, you can cut through..


Bosch - PST 65 Jigsaw - 500W

Providing fast and effortless wood and metal cutting, the Bosch PST 65 jigsaw offers both safe and c..

£44.99 £39.99

Bosch PCM 8 Saw

The PCM 8 from Bosch with its low weight of 7.9 kg is an especially light and compact mitre saw. Equ..


Bosch PKS40 Circular Saw - 850W

The PKS40 is a lightweight hand-held circular saw that has a powerful 850W motor. Its low weight of ..


Bosch PSA700E Sabre Saw

The PSA700E sabre saw from Bosch can saw any material and is compatible with all S-shank saw blades,..


Bosch PST700E Compact Jigsaw

The PST700E is a high-performance, easy-to-use jigsaw from Bosch. As it is around 20% smaller than i..