Routers & Jointers

Routers & Jointers
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Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router

The POF 1400 ACE from Bosch is a router that uses a , 6mm and 8mm collet (included) for its variety ..


Guild - Router - 1500W

The Guild Router is ideal for accurately cutting into wood. From shaping, edging and rebating to mak..


Hilka - Tools 900w Biscuit Jointer

Versatile 900w biscuit jointer which is suitable for milling grooves in hard and soft woods. The sof..


Makita - 1/4 inch Router - 900W

The Makita MT3601 1/4; Router is a high performanace unit with excellent duribility. It benefits fro..


Triton Biscuit Jointer - 760W

Powerful 760W biscuit jointer with cast-aluminium base, fence and drive housing. Produces fast, stro..