Compressors & Pumps

Compressors & Pumps
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Einhell - Dirty Water Pump - 370V

The reliable and efficient Einhell GH-DP 3730 submersible dirty water pump is perfect for the smooth..


Hilka 10m Air Hose in Plastic Case

Retractable heavy duty hose, easy to fit with wall mounting facility. 10 metres in length. Size H28,..


Hilka 15m Air Hose Reel

Retractable heavy duty industrial quality air hose reel. Easy to fit, hose is 15metres x 9.5mm. Size..


Karcher SP3 Pump

The SP3 is the entry level dirty water pump from Karcher capable of moving 7000L/H from areas such a..

£79.99 £59.99

Karcher SP7 Pump

The SP7 is the premium dirty water pump capable of moving 15,500L/H from areas such as ponds, pools ..

£139.99 £118.99

Katcher ST6 Automatic Watering System

The ST6 SensoTimer has a control sensor that measures the soils moisture level, transmitting every 3..

£109.99 £79.99