Thermometers & Timers

Thermometers & Timers
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BergHOFF Geminis Stainless Steel Timer

Time those family meals to perfection with this Geminis timer from BergHOFF. Simply turn the top sec..


Hanson - Digital Meat Thermometer

A digital meat thermometer is a fast, hygienic way of ensuring meat is cooked through. This Hanson t..


Heston Blumenthal - Electronic Dual Timer

To achieve the accurate cooking time, set this stainless steel digital timer in your kitchen. It has..


Heston Blumenthal - Instant Read Thermometer

Measure the accurate temperature of your food with the instant read thermometer. It has a easy to re..


Leifheit Meat Oven Thermometer

Two functions in one: the combined Leifheit meat and oven thermometer enables the control of the ove..


Salter - Mini Electric Timer

This electric timer has a large clear display with a 99 minute, 59 second timer mechanism. You can s..


The Great British Bake Off - Multi Timer

The multi-timer is the ideal accessory for the busy home cook. Keep track of up to four bakes at onc..