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Hobby Tools
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Dremel - 100 Piece Accessory Set

This assorted high quality Dremel accessory set is ideal for many hobby and DIY jobs in and around t..


Dremel - 4000 Rotary Multi Tool

Strong. Dynamic. Maximum Control. The powerful and precise Dremel 4000 Multi-Tool delivers maximum a..


Dremel - Versatip - Variable Temperature

One tool for 6 different applications. Powered by butane gas, use anytime anywhere. Very short heat ..


Dremel 200 Series - Corded Rotary Tool

Precise. Compact. Easy to use. The Dremel 200 is one tool to do the job of dozens and is the ideal M..


Dremel 3000 Rotary Multi Tool - 130W

Quick. Compact. All-round. The Dremel 3000 130 watt rotary tool kit makes the ideal multi-tool for s..


Silverline - 48w Soldering Station

Versatile 48W soldering station suitable for a wide range of soldering tasks. 150 - 420C temperature..


Silverline - 8 - 40w Soldering Iron Station

Versatile 8-40W soldering station suitable for a wide range of soldering tasks. 1.2mm (3/64) tip sol..


Silverline 100wSoldering Iron

Soldering iron suitable for electrical and automotive work, including soft soldering, high current c..


Silverline 40w Soldering Iron

General purpose soldering iron suitable for a wide range of electrical soldering of circuits, medium..


Silverline 60w Soldering Iron

For electrical and automotive soldering, ideal for use on high current cables and decorative work. T..


Silverline Battery Powered Soldering Iron

Suitable for intricate electronic work and on-the-go repairs. Fine soldering tip heats up in less th..


Silverstorm - 1010W Polisher 180mm

The 1010W Silverstorm Polisher is specially designed to improve the look of painted surfaces like ca..