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Gripping & Reaching
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Aidapt 4 Inch Cork Top Step Box

The value Cork Step Box is suitable for use as a step box in the bathroom and around the home, with ..


Aidapt Button Hook Zipper - Black

A handy device for securing buttons and fastening zips, the Plastic Handle Button Hook/Zipper has a ..


Aidapt Jar & Bottle Opener

The 2 in 1 jar and bottle opener with ergonomically-designed handle enables you to turn and to open ..


Aidapt Kettle Tipper

The Kettle Tipper has a raised pivot point to prevent spillage (the kettle will return to its uprigh..


Aidapt Plastic Step Box

A versatile and lightweight item, the Plastic Step Box from Aidapt features a non-slip top surface a..


Aidapt Ring Pull Can Opener

This compact and lightweight kitchen aid is ideal for users with a weakened grip or limited dexterit..


Argos - Plug In Mates Pack of 4

This pack of four plug mates just easily wraps around your plugs making it easier for you to get a g..


Blue Badge Co - Navy Shoe Horn

Many people rely on a shoe horn to put on tight fitting shoes. Wrestling your feet into shoes will n..


Blue Badge Co - Navy Sock Aid

Putting socks and stockings on is easy with this handy sock aid. No need to bend or stretch, just pl..


Drive Chrome Shoehorn

A luxury, chromed metal, long stemmed shoehorn. Shoehorn blade is mounted on a spring to allow it to..