Digital Pain Relief

Digital Pain Relief
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Beurer - MG800 Fascia Releazer

Fasciae are fine, tough connective tissue fibres that pass through our entire body like a three-dime..


Beurer MG800 Fascia Massager

Fasciae massager. Patented innovation. Made of high-quality walnut wood. Breaks down the fasciae agg..


Insta Life - Pain Relief

Insta Life helps to relieve lower back pain associated with chronic low back pain, sciatica and piri..


Kinetik Wellbeing TENS Pain Reliever Replacement Pads

The Kinetik Wellbeing Dual Channel TENS Digital Pain Reliever passes harmless electrical signals int..

£11.99 £6.99

REVITIVE Arthritis - Knee

REVITIVE Arthritis-Knee is intended to relieve stiff and painful knees as well as reducing swelling ..


Revitive Arthritis - Knee Pads

REVITIVE Arthritis Pads The extra large Arthritis Pads are for use with the new REVITIVE Arthritis-K..