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Charter Chieftain - 195 Metre Fishing Set

A well built composite boat fishing rod rated 15-30lbs with a strong but low weight blank, screw win..


Deeper Pro Plus Fishfinder

The Deeper Portable Wireless Fish finder is an award winning fish-finding device that brings sonar a..


Deeper Wireless Smart Fish Finder

Deeper: Smart sonar is a first of its kind, portable, wireless fish finder specially designed for am..


Dunlop - Deluxe Complete Carp Set

The Deluxe Carp Kit from Dunlop is a full set-up with all you need to fish for Carp. Included are ro..


Dunlop - Fishing 25 Large Umbrella

Protect yourself from the most extreme weather with this high quality anglers umbrella from Dunlop. ..


Dunlop - Fishing 45cm Keepnet

This keepnet from Dunlop is designed with fish comfort in mind so anglers can store their catch safe..


Dunlop - Fishing Carp Chair

Enjoy maximum comfort as you fish with this Dunlop fishing carp chair. Ultra strong construction and..


Dunlop - Fishing Carp Shelter

The carp shelter is easy to set up and transport, making it ideal when you are carrying all your oth..


Dunlop - Fishing Digital Weighing Scales

These compact Dunlop fishing scales have an easy to use, push button for operation and are ideal for..


Dunlop - Fishing Floats and Tube Set

This Dunlop fishing floats and tube set offers all any budding fisherman would want. Superbly buoyan..


Dunlop - Fishing Polarising Sunglasses

These Dunlop fishing sunglasses are the perfect shades for any keen fisherman. They feature a lightw..


Dunlop - Fishing Stool with Rucksack

Designed for the angler who wants to travel light or likes to always be on the move, this Dunlop fis..


Dunlop - Fishing Telescopic Landing Net

This high quality extending net and handle from Dunlop is suitable for all types of angling. This fi..


Fladen - 11ft Small Waters Carp Fishing Rod & Accessories

Learn how much fun carp fishing can be with this perfect set for catching monsters from small waters..


Fladen - 12ft Carp Fishing Set

The 2.5lb test curve rod in this set is constructed using extremely fine basalt fibres as used in th..