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Dunlop - Deluxe Complete Carp Set

The Deluxe Carp Kit from Dunlop is a full set-up with all you need to fish for Carp. Included are ro..


Fladen - 11ft Small Waters Carp Fishing Rod & Accessories

Learn how much fun carp fishing can be with this perfect set for catching monsters from small waters..


Fladen - 12ft Carp Fishing Set

The 2.5lb test curve rod in this set is constructed using extremely fine basalt fibres as used in th..


Fladen - 12ft Feeder Leger Rod & Reel Set & Accessories

This rod is perfectly capable of handling roach, tench, bream and carp, and has 3 interchangeable qu..


Fladen - 12ft Waggler Float Fishing Set

Everything you need to start fishing on lakes, canals and rivers with this complete coarse fishing k..


Fladen - 21m Telescopic Coarse Fishing Travel Set

Includes an easily portable 2.1m telescopic rod with reel already loaded with line. The barbless hoo..


Fladen - Beach/Shore Complete Rod, Reel & Accessories Set

This set is excellent for beach/shore/rock fishing. It contains a 1bb 70 size reel already pre-spool..


Fladen - Fly Fishing Starter Set

A complete fly fishing set which includes all you need to get started. Includes a 2.4m Vantage 6-7wt..


Fladen 12ft 2 - Rod Deluxe Carp Fishing Set

Features 2 x Matt Hayes 2.75lbs test curve carp rods with SIC guides and a keeper ring. The rod pod ..


Matt Hayes - Adventure Frogga Fish4Fun Combo

This Frogga combo will make fishing fun. The set contains a 1.8m green fibreglass telescopic rod, a ..


Matt Hayes - Adventure Piggsy Fish4Fun Combo

This Piggsy combo will make fishing fun. The set contains a 1.8m pink fibreglass telescopic rod, a s..


Matt Hayes - Carp Fishing Rod and Reel Set

Get set to catch a big fish with this Matt Hayes carp rod and reel combo that is packed with power t..


Matt Hayes - Coarse Fishing Kit with Net, Rods & Accessories

This kit is everything you need to start fishing on lakes, canals and rivers; turn up and start catc..


Matt Hayes - Complete Coarse Fishing Set

This set is all the hard wear you need to master coarse fishing on rivers and lakes, from float fish..


Matt Hayes - Junior Pole Fishing Set

This Matt Hayes pole kit makes fishing on lakes and rivers easy to master with components that are s..