Electrical Accessories

Electrical Accessories
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28 Position Digital Multi - Meter

This digital multimeter offers accurate results and is easy to use. It tests AC/DC voltage current, ..


3 - Way Adaptor Triple Pack

For use with a standard 13 amp socket, this compact adaptor enables 3 products to be used from 1 soc..


Allocacoc - PowerCube 3 Metre Extended Cable

This version has a 3 metre cable and five power sockets. With the included docking system, this cube..


Allocacoc - PowerCube Extended Remote - Socket Only

PowerCube Remote (socket only) takes user-friendliness to a whole new standard. With one bigStep-On;..


Allocacoc - PowerCube Extended USB 15 Metre Cable

This PowerCube has a 1.5 metre extension cord and can be mounted anywhere to have a power outlet wit..


Allocacoc - PowerCube Original

The PowerCube Original can be used standalone or to expand the PowerCube Extended or Extended USB ra..


Allocacoc - PowerCube Original USB

The PowerCube Original USB can be used standalone or to expand the PowerCube Extended or Extended US..


Allocacoc - PowerCube Portable USB Bank Hub

This Powerr Bank Hub not only acts as a 4 outlet USB Hub but also features a rechargeable 5000 mAh b..


Allocacoc - PowerCube Remote Set

With one big Step-On; button on the PowerRemote you can turn ON/OFF the PowerCube from a distance us..


Allocacoc - PowerCube ReWirable USB Adapter

The Powercube ReWiable USB adaptor is perfect for all your Travel needs, enabling you to charge devi..


AP Pro Series - 120 Lumen CREE Torch

120 lumens high performance CREE torch, with a focus controlled lense, 1 x flood 4 x spot. Tactical ..


AP Pro Series - 125 Lumen Focus Beam SOS CREE Torch

125 lumens, high performance CREE torch. Focused beam control 1 x flood, 4 x spot. Smooth dimming op..


AP Pro Series - 210 Lumen CREE Torch

A very robust 210 lumens high performance CREE torch. Advanced focused beam control, 2 mode operatio..


AP Pro Series - 220 Lumen Spotlight CREE Torch

220 lumens high performance CREE spotlight. It has a beam distance up to 300 metres with a simultane..


AP Pro Series - 750 Lumen CREE Torch

An extremely powerful high performance CREE torch, up to 750 lumens. It has a 2 mode operation, high..