Drums & Percussion

Drums & Percussion
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A Star - 8 Note Handbell Set

High quality set of 8 Hand Bells. There are 8 bells all in different colours and notes. They have a ..


A Star - Childrens' Handheld Percussion Kit

A complete mini percussion kit designed to introduce children (ages 3-6) to music all packed into a ..


A Star - Childrens' Starter Percussion Kit

A percussion kit ideal for young children. All of the instruments produce a bright sound and are wel..


A Star - Handheld Wooden Ratchet

Classic wooden Ratchet or Football Rattle - great for making lots of noise; Made from a strong woode..


A Star - Jingle Stick - Black

Great for Christmas sounds; This quality A-Star Jingle Stick is perfect as part of a classroom percu..


A Star - Maracas - Pink

These colourful plastic Maracas offer a fantastic bright tone. Extremely popular with children of al..


A Star - Medium Beaded Afuche

This A-Star Afuche (or Cabasa) is a high quality percussion instrument used in Latin music. It is ma..


A Star 3 Bell Handbells

These handbells are perfect for the budding percussionist. With 3 Percussion bells attached to a hea..


A Star Sparkle Maracas - Yellow

Great quality transparent plastic Maracas. The handles are 21cm long making them suitable for childr..


Axus AXK1 Digital Drum Kit

The AXK1 is the perfect drum kit for gigs, home jamming and lessons. The 4 drum and 3 cymbal pads ar..


Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Kit

The Carlsbro digital drum kit is perfect for drummers of all levels, offering a quality drumming exp..


Clarke Original Tin Kazoo

A Kazoo produces a pleasant buzzing; sound when you hum, sing or speak into it. The quality of the s..


Music Alley Junior Drum Kit

The Music Alley 3-piece junior drum kit is a high quality kit compromising of real wooden shells and..


Rockburn - Adjustable Drum Stool

A heavy duty, padded, adjustable drum stool suitable for all drum kits. Featuring a double braced, s..


Rockburn 5 Piece Full Size Drum Kit - Black

The Rockburn full size drum kit is the perfect choice for beginners, with everything you need to sta..