Dictation Machines

Dictation Machines
This section lists some great offers on Dictation Machines products priced from £12.99-£159.99
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Olympus AS - 2400 Digital Transcription Kit

Type up your audio notes quickly and easily with the Olympus AS-2400 Transcription Kit. Including a ..


Olympus DM - 901 4GB Stereo Dictation Machine

Premium stereo sound quality audio recording combined with built in Wi-Fi to connect to your smartph..


Olympus LS - 12 Linear Dictation Machine

The Olympus LS-12 effortlessly captures better-than-CD quality Hi-Res audio up to 130dB SPL with new..


Olympus LS - P1 4GB Pocket Dictation Machine

The Olympus LS-P1 effortlessly captures better-than-CD quality Hi-Res audio up to 120dB SPL with the..


Olympus ME - 52W Noise Cancelling Dictaphone Microphone

The ME-52W Noise Cancelling Microphone reduces ambient noise to enable even clearer personal recordi..


Olympus ME 51S Stereo Dictation Machine

The ME51S is a stereo microphone that can be plugged into the microphone socket offering superb qual..


Olympus ME15 Tie - Clip Dictation Machine

Highly sensitive miniature tie-clip microphone with frequency response from 100 - 12.000 Hz. To reco..


Olympus ME33 Boundary Dictation Machine

The Olympus ME33 is a powerful, omni-directional microphone that is purpose built to record voices f..


Olympus ME34 Compact Lecture Dictation Machine

The ME34 Compact Zoom Microphone limits interference from nearby sound sources. This is useful for r..


Olympus TP - 8 Telephone Recording Dictation Machine

General information: Weight 39g. Size H15, W6.5, D2.5cm...


Olympus VN - 540 PC 4GB Dictation Machine

The VN-540 PC Mono Recorder is perfect for capturing notes, small meetings or conversations. With an..


Olympus VN - 731 2GB PC Dictation Machine

The entry-level VN series is the perfect solution to record your voice. This model can be easily mas..


Olympus VN - 741 4GB Dictation Machine

The VN-741 PC Mono Recorder is perfect for capturing notes, meetings or conversations. With an ample..


Olympus VN - 765 4GB Dictation Machine

Easy to use non-PC stand-alone recorder, 4GB built-in memeory. Over 86 hours battery life. Requires ..